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Nosara Real Estate Listings

Welcome To Paradise

Nosara is a stunningly beautiful beach town on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Nestled amidst a lush surrounding jungle, Nosara is a farming community, a surfer’s village, a yogi’s paradise, a sport fisher’s dream, a wildlife refuge, a nature lover’s heaven and a family friendly town.

Boasting four pristine beaches within the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, some of the finest surf in Costa Rica, and a relatively undeveloped setting, the Nosara area has a unique feeling and spirit that has always embodied embracing nature and it’s rhythms.

Nosara is home to Costa Rican’s and expats from all over the world and known to be a popular travel destination for people who are drawn to nature, peaceful vibes, and a strong surf and yoga culture.

Responsible Realty

Our core values are responsible and sustainable property ownership, care for our protected park lands and wildlife refuges, community engagement, and family. We aim to not only connect families with the homes they love but to promote resources that cultivate and encourage everyone to understand and respect the uniqueness of Nosara.


How to protect your land from subdivision, building do’s and don’ts, questions to ask when you buy a home or land, sustainable consumption, and more.


Nosara and Ostional are protected wildlife refuges. Let’s explore what it means to live and build responsibly with nature in mind.


Buying in Nosara is more than an investment, it's community involvement. Learn about Nosara volunteer organizations that are essential to the infrastructure and environment.

family beach nosara

Costa Rica’s cultural regard for family and children are some of the main reasons we at Mango all chose to move abroad with our families. Get to know family life in Nosara.

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