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Nosara Non Profits: Help The Community Via Tax Deductible Donations

Recently, Mango Realty helped Jay and Susan Evarts sell their Las Huacas home. What happened next was inspiring, and we thought it was worth telling you all about it. 


If you are a United States citizen, one thing that unites us is that we all pay tax, either in Costa Rica, our home countries, or both. Each time a home is sold, the seller must pay a capital gain to the Costa Rican government. For North Americans, such as Jay and Susan, they are then subject to even more taxes back in their home state. In the US, combined state and federal taxes can be as much as 35%, depending on income from the sale. However, instead of allowing the US government to decide where your money gets spent, what if there was a way to improve our local Nosara community in a way that costs you zero money, and next to no time? Well there is a way:- Tax-Deductible Donations directed towards Nosara non profits

This is precisely what Jay and Susan did. Instead of paying all the taxes to the government, they redirected  a portion back to a local Nosara non-profit.. Namely, the Nosara Scholarship Association – enough to see that one child gets a fully paid ride from grade 7 to grade 12. One day she will graduate with a bilingual international baccalaureate diploma and be the first in her family to go on to college. Sound good? Yes. Feel good? Definitely. In Jay’s words:

 “I’ve been coming to Nosara for almost 40 years.  It holds a special place in my heart for many reasons-beautiful beaches and waves, gorgeous sunsets, protection of the natural environment and wildlife, and especially the warmth and friendship of the local Tico community.  I encourage everyone to support this unique spot on planet Earth in whatever way they can.”

nosara non profitsHow Do I Redirect My Taxes Back into Nosara?

Anyone making a tax-deductible donation to a Nosara non profit is essentially taking money from the pockets of their governments and giving it to a charity. Naturally, government’s aren’t always thrilled about this. Consequently, the process can be a little complicated, and the fine details are beyond the scope of this article. Thankfully, any accountant worth their salt should be able to make short work of the process. Depending on your income and tax bracket, they’ll be able to tell you how much of your tax bill you can redirect towards a deserving cause.

So, if you’re interested in improving the community for yourself and everyone around you in a way that costs you nothing, then contact your accountant to find out where you stand.


How Do I Make a Tax-Deductible Donation in Nosara?

The most common way is to simply designate your charity of choice as the recipient when you file your taxes. You can also set up automatic donations from your paycheck, or make a one-time donation. However, if you live in Nosara, and wish to ensure your taxes are redirected straight back into the community, the simplest way is through Amigos of Costa Rica.


What is Amigos of Costa Rica?

Amigos of Costa Rica is a registered US nonprofit (501(c)(3) that works to promote sustainable development throughout Costa Rica. They have partnered with charities in education, health care, environmental protection, and more, many of which are based in Nosara.

I Have a Specific Nosara Non-Profit I’m Passionate About. Can I Ensure My Tax-Deductible Donation Goes Straight to them?

The short answer is yes! If there’s a Nosara non-profit that you’d particularly like to see succeed, then tell Amigos of Costa Rica, and they will ensure that your chosen project receives your money. After selecting a project, donors will receive a receipt from Amigos of Costa Rica to use when filing their taxes. 

Which Nosara Non-Profit Should I Choose?

Whichever one speaks to you the loudest. There are many Nosara non profits doing incredible, game-changing, life-improving (even life-saving) work. So find one that aligns with your values and sign off. In doing so, the life, quality of life, business, and environment you save could be your own!

Which Nosara Non-Profits give 501(c)(3) tax receipts?

This list includes most (but not all) of the  Nosara non profits that Amigos of Costa Rica (501(c)(3) helps on a regular basis. For a full list, or to find out more details about what they do, check out their website.

ADI Bocas de Nosara

ADI’s mission is to focus on assisting the Nosara community’s growth and improvement, while promoting and executing initiatives to enhance individuals’ social, economic, cultural, and environmental circumstances.

Amor Animales de Nosara

Amor Animales de Nosara ensures the well-being of Nosara’s domestic animals. and addresses fundamental animal welfare issues in the community, including education about caring for pets.

Asociación Bomberos de Nosara

Since 2009, Nosara’s volunteer firefighters have responded to all manner of crises from fires, vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, animal relocation, and much more. The Bomberos receive zero government assistance and rely solely on donations.

Costas Verdes

Founded in 2009, Costas Verdes was created to restore coastal ecosystems damaged by past agricultural activity. With help from the community, Costas Verdes has single handedly spearheaded the reforestation efforts on the beaches of Nosara.

David S. Kitson Library

Based in Nosara town, The David Kitson Library is a reading and learning center created to promote cross-cultural integration and understanding.

Guanacaste Community Fund (GCF)

GCF was created to assist local children, families, and communities in attaining their full potential. One way in which they empower locals to achieve their goals is by providing scholarships. 

Guardians of Nature / Guardianes de la Naturaleza

By encouraging youngsters to see themselves as protectors of the natural world, Guardians of Nature aims to bring about the resolution of environmental, social, and economic issues, both locally and further afield.

Huertas de Nosara

By implementing sustainable permaculture, from backyard gardens, large land initiatives, this grassroots project was created to address both social and environmental concerns.

International Animal Rescue Costa Rica | IAR Costa Rica

For the past 20 years, International Animal Rescue Costa Rica (formerly Refuge for Wildlife) has been caring for, treating, and releasing wild animals that have been hurt, orphaned, or displaced in the Guanacaste region.

NOCA | Nosara Community for the Arts

NOCA works to lessen the gap between the international ex-pat community and locals by encouraging locals to focus on art and environmental education.

Nosara Animal Care

NAC provides refuge and high-quality health care to Nosara’s most vulnerable domestic animals.

Nosara Civic Association

For decades, The NCA has been the cornerstone of community planning, civic engagement at both a local and governmental level, and conservation and environmental activism.

Nosara Crece

The Nosara Crece impact investing fund creates technical assistance programs, free advisory services, and access to low-interest loans for small businesses. Since their inception, they have helped countless locally owned businesses flourish.

Nosara Food Bank

The Nosara Food Bank provides food and other household necessities to families living in extreme poverty in the Nosara District.

Nosara Ocean Safety | NOS

The coastline off Nosara can be hazardous. NOS was created to safeguard beachgoers. It provides lifeguards, ocean safety education initiatives, and ocean training programs.

Nosara Recicla

As Nosara grows, so too do issues surrounding sustainable waste management practices. Nosara Recicla works on a local and provincial level to create initiatives practices, and education programs to address these issues.

Nosara Scholarship Association

NSA provides a first-rate bilingual education to local kids from Nosara whose economic background would otherwise prevent them from having access to it. 

Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary

Rescue, rehabilitate, release, protect. Sibu works to rescue, rehabilitate, and eventually release orphaned, wounded, and displaced wild animals, particularly howler monkeys.

Wildlife Conservation Association (WCA)

Through research, community engagement, and educational programs, the Nosara-based WCA aims to bring about greater levels of conservation, sustainable living, and harmony between humans and their natural environment.


As Nosara grows, so does the impact on wildlife conservation, flora preservation, social and economic inequality, and more. Development brings change and we can’t stop change. Instead, we need to ask ourselves, “how do we make a positive impact on that change?”

Tax-Deductible donations to Nosara non profits are an easy, free way to help meet the challenges Nosara faces. They help preserve the beauty and richness of its environment that restores us daily, and the kindness and patience of the people who welcome us deserve it.

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