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No matter how easy it is to get by knowing “just enough” Spanish, if you really want to engage with the real Nosara, you’d better get serious about learning the national language. For many expats who move to Nosara, the fact that so many locals speak English makes the idea of learning Spanish seem unnecessary. Once you scratch the surface, however, you’ll see that to learn to speak Spanish in Nosara, along with the local Nosara dialect may be the single most significant investment you can make in your experience here, particularly if you plan on sticking around for a while.

Here are the top reasons learning Spanish in Nosara will make your life better:

Language Bubble be Damned

Walk into any store, restaurant, bar, or hotel near Guiones and Pelada Beaches and it’s pretty much guaranteed that the person serving you speaks English. Consequently, many Nosara expats speak little to no Spanish and get by just fine. Until they don’t. Nosara is a bubble. Once you exit that bubble, your English won’t serve you so well. Just a few miles away in Ostional, Garza and other nearby towns, trying to get directions, recommendations, or help changing a flat tire, it’s highly likely you’ll need to communicate in Spanish. 


Surfing Playa Ostional is a great way to learn Spanish in Nosara

Pumping Playa Ostional. Befriending the local rippers may require you to learn the language.


Broaden Your Mental And Social Horizons

“Learning a new language is becoming a member of a club.”  Frank Smith.

Learning Spanish in Nosara will massively broaden your understanding of, and respect for (and from) your neighbors and the local townsfolk. The culture is rich, the ties are strong, and the humor levels and storytelling ability is a joy to observe. Essentially, it’s a culture that, once you’re part of it, will literally enhance your everyday existence. You’ll make more friends, be invited to more events, and be able to understand life through the lens of the Spanish language. 


Nosara fiestas are a good opportunity to learn Spanish in Nosara

Nosara Fiestas. Possibly the funnest, wildest cultural event on the local calendar.


Become Self-Reliant

In our native countries, basic tasks like opening a bank account, paying utilities, ordering in restaurants, and countless other things are a breeze. If you don’t speak Spanish in Nosara, you have the following options:

  1. Enlist the help of your property manager, a willing friend, or a local to act as a third person, and hope that the details aren’t lost in translation. 
  2. Spend hours attempting to accomplish basic things, and still hope the details aren’t lost in translation (they will be). Conquering the language barrier will save you hours which, over time, amount to weeks and months of frustration that could have been spared had you learned Spanish.
  3. Learn to speak Spanish. Once you do, you’ll own it forever.  With Spanish at your disposal, your ability to navigate and immerse yourself into Latin American culture will skyrocket. Essentially, it’s about taking what you learn in the classroom, or book, and applying it to real-world situations. If you want to learn to speak Spanish in Nosara, here are some suggestions:

How To Learn Spanish In Nosara

Private Tuition

In a town as multilingual as Nosara, it’s only logical that there’s an abundance of locals who work as professional Spanish tutors. The best bet is to ask around, or reach out on local forums. You’ll likely receive a raft of replies, so be selective.


Nosara Spanish Institute

When people ask about learning Spanish in Nosara, Nosara Spanish Institute is usually the first thing that pops up. This professionally staffed language school has established a reputation as the go-to place for anyone looking to learn the language or improve their skills. Along with activities and accommodations, Nosara Spanish Institute offers a wide range of onsite and online Spanish courses taught by native speakers that cater to all levels and requirements.


Throw Yourself in at the Deep End

Whatever you’re taught in the classroom is pointless unless you’re ready and willing to apply it in daily life. To do this, spend as much time talking to the locals as possible. Talk to them in the surf, on the beach, in the restaurants, and wherever the opportunity arises. As well as being a great way to practice speaking, your listening skills and vocabulary will progress rapidly. 

Embrace Short Term Failure
The locals are friendly, particularly with expats who bother to attempt to communicate in Spanish. Everyone has to start somewhere. The more you speak Spanish in Nosara, the quicker you’ll learn, and the faster you’ll immerse yourself in local culture. The expats that attempt to communicate in Spanish, no matter how rudimentary, will often be met with smiles and patience from Ticos appreciative of your efforts to fit in. 

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