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Because There’s More Than One Way to Invest in the Community

In other towns, the responsibility for fire emergencies, food banks, education, environmental preservation, and many basic services lie squarely at the feet of the government. Nosara is not “most other towns.” Here, the lion’s share of these burdens are shouldered by volunteer organizations. In fact, it could be argued that volunteering in Nosara is responsible for the town we know today. Without the efforts from Nosara volunteers, we wouldn’t have the Bomberos, Nosara Food Bank, Kitson library, Nosara Recycles, Nosara Ocean Safety, Nosara Scholarship Association, Nosara Civic Association, and much more. 

What Does “Community” Really Mean?

For the most part, Nosara is a place filled with altruistic, community-minded individuals who have the time, inkling, and means to help others. Conversely, it is a place where many of it’s residents, both human and animal, are in need of assistance. There is a number of ways to help bridge this divide. One of the most effective of these is through volunteering in Nosara.

Why Should I Start Volunteering in Nosara?

When you volunteer in Nosara, you’re embracing the opportunity to make a true difference in the lives of others, and give a desperately needed helping hand to the unique, fragile local environment. Additionally, volunteering in Nosara offers:

  • A sense of purpose
  • A sense of community
  • A broader understanding of local social issues
  • A greater awareness of the unique local environment
  • The chance to meet new friends
  • Improved self-esteem
  • The opportunity to learn valuable skills
  • The chance to break out of your comfort zone

The following information highlights a few of the organizations in Nosara who could always use a helping hand from those who have the time. And, if you don’t have the time, please think about donating. Some of these organizations require volunteers on a sporadic, short term basis, while others require a longer-term commitment to instill the skills necessary to be effective.


Really being a part of Nosara means embracing service everyday. If you live in Nosara, and benefit from it’s many offerings, why wouldn’t you make giving back part of your daily routine? There’s countless ways to do this. Some of the simplest and most obvious ways to start volunteering in Nosara include:

  • taking a bag to the beach to pick up trash and recyclables
  • composting and recycling your household waste
  • smiling
  • tipping
  • encouraging others to become engaged

volunteering in nosara with nosara food bankNOSARA FOOD BANK

“No one goes hungry in Nosara.” That’s the mission statement that drives the Nosara Food Bank to provide assistance on a regular basis to poverty-afflicted local families. As the local cost of living rises, single mothers, disabled, and elderly people get left behind. During the rainy season, the numbers that need assistance can surge. Sadly, Nosara food bank, short on resources, must turn down assistance requests with growing frequency.

CONTACT Phone: (+506) 8316-4835 Website: Email:

COSTAS VERDESvolunteering in nosara with Costas Verdes

Costas Verdes was created with a single purpose: to reforest the beaches of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast and encourage the return of native wildlife. A decade later, the fruits of their labor can be seen everywhere, including Playa Guiones. Only a few years ago, huge swathes of Playa Guiones were home to sand, scrub and weeds. Nowadays, it’s all trees, planted by Costas Verdes and the local volunteers who chipped in to help them.

CONTACT Phone:(+506) 8317-4539 Website: Email:

NOSARA BOMBEROSvolunteering in nosara with Nosara Bomberos

Since 2009, the Bomberos de Nosara have been the first line of response  in emergencies such as forest and home fires, traffic accidents, flooding, water rescue, wildlife capture and relocation, and much more. The Bomberos consist almost solely of volunteer firefighters. The organization receives very little government funding and stays afloat almost entirely on donations and community support.

CONTACT Phone: (+506) 8709-0614 Email:


AMOR Animales (love animals) works tirelessly within the community to locate, care for, and rehouse abandoned or stray pets. In addition to education programs designed to help families take better care of their pets, they also run neutering programs to prevent overpopulation and disease.

CONTACT Website: Email:

DEL MAR SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMvolunteering in nosara with Del Mar Academy

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela.

Widely considered the gold standard of schooling in Nosara, Del Mar Academy comes at a price beyond the reach of many locals. In response, Del Mar began a Scholarship program for Costa Rican students in Nosara who would otherwise be unable to attend. The benefits are multiple: Successful students graduate Grade 12 with a bilingual International Baccalaureate diploma and are often the first in their families to go on to college.

CONTACT  Phone: (+506) 2682-1211 Email:

TORTUGUIONESvolunteering in nosara with TortuGuiones

TortuGuiones is a conservation project that helps protect sea turtles and conserve their local habitat within the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge. They collect data, monitor turtle nesting activity, organize education materials and programs for locals and tourists, and organize special events.

CONTACT Phone: (+506) 8351-4000 Website: Email:


Since 1998, the Biblioteca David Kitson library has provided books, education, internet access, and community support to the local residents of Nosara. The Biblioteca is more than just a library. It is a community center created to empower and enrich the lives of all local residents. Since it’s inception, “the Kitson” has provided a springboard for many local youngsters and adults to learn read, update their computer literacy, and receive tutorials in high school subjects, which all help locals and ex-pats to move on to college and professional employment.

CONTACT Phone: (+506) 2682-0211 Website:  Email:


NAC provides healthcare for at-risk domestic animals living in both low-income homes and on the streets. In order to promote compassion and respect for domestic pets, NAC delivers educational programs to young people in schools. Additionally, they run a spay/neuter program and do their best to relocate stray animals in need of a home.

CONTACT Phone: (+506) 8948-6743 Website: Email:


Escuelita De Verano Nosara was set up to give local working parents a break by providing kids with a fun, safe environment in which to partake in learning, music, arts, and sports during summer vacation. It also provides students with a healthy lunch. Escuelita de Verano is located in Nosara’s Serapio López school, and operates entirely on donations.


As Nosara grows, so do our waste management issues. Studies have proven that more than 30% of our garbage is recyclable, while another 50% is organic and compostable. Nosara Recicla aims to implement and maintain sustainable local waste management practices. Their initiatives include a twice-weekly recycling collection, workshops, regular community beach clean-ups, and more.

CONTACT Website: Email:


For over two decades, Nosara’s Refuge for Wildlife has taken in injured, abandoned, or displaced wildlife, all of which they aim to return (where possible) to their natural habitat. Although the majority of its wild residents are howler monkeys, their services extend to wildcats, birds, reptiles, mammals, and other species of monkeys. The Refuge for wildlife funds an Emergency Medical Team, surgery, clinic, and a nursery.

CONTACT Phone: (+506) 2682-5049 For educational visits: (+506) 8708-2601 For emergency rescues: (+506) 8824-3323 Website: Email:

VIVE EL SUENOvolunteering in nosara with Vive el Sueno

Despite Nosara’s ongoing economic boom, many of the local population still live beneath the poverty line. Vive el sueño provides microfinancing, mentorship, and support to allow local Costa Ricans to launch and sustain their own small businesses. Educational programs include entrepreneurship, management, marketing, English classes, and social media coaching. Their services include free photo shoots and logo design for their grads. Since its launch, the list of successful businesses it has helped create grows larger by the month.

CONTACT Website: Email:

SIBU WILDLIFE SANCTUARYvolunteering in nosara with SIBU sanctuary

SIBU Wildlife Sanctuary’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release local wildlife brought to them injured or displaced. Sadly, many of these creatures are incapable of returning to the wild, meaning SIBU becomes their permanent home and lifelong care provider. Vicki and her team give amazing tours and work tirelessly 24/7 to make homes for healing animals. 

CONTACT Phone: (+506) 8866-4652 For emergency rescues: (+506) 8413-8889 Website: Email:

NOSARA OCEAN SAFETYvolunteering in nosara with nosara ocean safety

In the wake of a series of preventable drownings and some very close calls, Nosara residents came together to start up Nosara Ocean Safety. As well as lifeguards and rescue equipment, Nosara Ocean Safety offers education, prevention, and awareness programs aimed at making the Nosara coastline a safer place to play.


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